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Canine Country
(813) 788-8880
35207 SR 54 West
Zephyrhills, FL
Pamela Cunningham, owner, has been grooming dogs for over 40 years.We offer all natural and herbal shampoos. We carry holistic and homeopathic pet supplies and are open Tuesday through Saturday.
Grooms most/all breeds of dogs, Special Care Appointments , Hand Stripping Services, Offers Large Dog (70+ Pounds) Grooming Services, Pet Pickup and Delivery, Retail Pet Products Available, Show Grooming Services

Bow Wow Boutique
(813) 903-9663
17018 Palm Pointe Drive
Tampa, FL
Upscale grooming salon and boutique. Deana Magliano-Mazurkiewicz owner/groomer has 12 years of experience and is an award winning competitive groomer. Shop has three full time experienced groomers with knowledge of all breeds of dogs and cats.Open Tuesday through Saturday 8am to 6pm by appointment only.
Grooms most/all breeds of dogs, Special Care Appointments

Canine Country Club
(813) 334-1241
1403 Jen-Ma-Jo Lane
Lutz, FL
A full service grooming salon by a skilled professional. Groomer and owner, Christine Hubbard, a Bay Area Pet Grooming Academy graduate, is dedicated to deliver five-star service to all her clients. Rest assured your loved one will experience a safe, stress free environment with private, individualized attention. Plus she caters to senior dog needs. Please call for appointment.

A Dog's Life
(813) 962-6246
14912 N. Florida Ave.
Tampa, FL
Kelly (owner) and Becky are committed to making your pets grooming experience friendly and enjoyable. We have about 18 yrs experience between the two of us. Our hours are Monday thru Saturday 8:00am to 5:30 pm.
Offers Mobile/House Call Grooming, Grooms most/all breeds of dogs, Offers Large Dog (70+ Pounds) Grooming Services, Pet Pickup and Delivery

Critter Boarding & Grooming
(727) 856-8964
15240 County Line Road
Spring Hill, FL
Critter Boarding offer luxury boarding for dogs, cats, and other small animals like birds,rabbits & turtles in comfortable, clean, and stress free home-like environment.

laura fielda and co. pet grooming
(813) 714-2205
5908 7th Street
Zephyrhills, FL
Family owned and operated since 1989. we groom all breeds dogs and cats. graduate all american grooming school. Our motto is" Kindness Counts." 7 to 6 Mon-Sat by appt. Located 5908 7th Street, Zephyrhills, FL 33542
Grooms most/all breeds of dogs, Special Care Appointments , Hand Stripping Services, Cat Grooming Services, Offers Large Dog (70+ Pounds) Grooming Services, Pet Pickup and Delivery, Pet Sitting Services, Vet Referred, Show Grooming Services

Lidia's Touch Pet Grooming
(813) 907-5080
10341 Cross Creek Blvd
Tampa, FL
New Tampa Wesley Chapel, FL, Salon hours Tue. - Sat from 8:00 to 4:00. We are a full-service professional pet grooming salon with impeccable customer service, at an affordable price. We welcome all breeds and all sizes, cats too. Lidia is a competitive award winning groomer with many years experience, and member of the NDGAA. We have a comfortable, immaculately clean, beautifully appointed salon. Walk-in or call us for your appt.
Grooms most/all breeds of dogs, Special Care Appointments , Hand Stripping Services, Cat Grooming Services, Offers Large Dog (70+ Pounds) Grooming Services, Pet Pickup and Delivery, Vet Referred

Barks N Bubbles Mobile Grooming
(813) 244-7435
Land O Lakes
Land O Lakes, FL
Barks N Bubbles Mobile Grooming services Pasco and Hillsborough county! I am a committed pet owner and lover. I have 3 dogs myself and a cat. I am available Monday - Saturday. I offer full-service grooming and spa treatments!
Cat Grooming Services, Offers Large Dog (70+ Pounds) Grooming Services

Grand Performance Grooming
(813) 752-1244
2802 Keene-Campbell Road
Plant City, FL
We are a homebased grooming service, dedicated to the care of your med - small pet. We use only natural products, and work by appointment only. We cater to your pet in a quiet, friendly atmosphere. We offer master grooming skills for all of our wonderful clients. References and vet.referred. A small business with a big heart for your pet.
Grooms most/all breeds of dogs, Special Care Appointments , Pet Pickup and Delivery, Pet Sitting Services, Pet Daycare Services, Vet Referred

Gorgeous Growlers, inc
(813) 766-2061
Gorgeous Growlers
Seffner, FL
Mobile Groomer/Former Instructor providing an all inclusive grooming service. Pets that are easily stressed or have health problems benefit from this unique service. Extra clean state of the art equipment. Every client will be dried with a fresh towel, no towel sharing.
Grooms most/all breeds of dogs, Special Care Appointments , Pet Pickup and Delivery, Vet Referred

Safe Twitching

Written by Melissa Cassutt

There are three basic types of restraint that can be effective during an emergency: location restraint, physical restraint and chemical restraint.  Colorado veterinarian Ruth Sorensen discusses different techniques of twitching, a form of physical restraint that can help control your horse as you address an emergency.

In part two, Sorensen explains how to properly apply three different types of hobbles. Our series on emergency restraint techniques concludes with an article on different types of location restraint, chemical restraint, and special techniques to restrain a foal, mule or donkey.
Safe Twitching

There are two areas on a horse that can be effectively and humanely twitched—the neck and the nose. Vulnerable anatomy, such as ears, joints or genitals should never be used for restraint. Besides being illegal in some states, ear twitches can cause permanent damage and may actually provoke aggression in some horses.

There are a few situations in which a twitch should not be used. These include if a horse is:

• Thrashing. To ensure the safety of the horse and the handler, a horse that is thrashing (as is often the case with a bad colic) should not be twitched or restrained with any other technique.

• Hurt in the area to be twitched. This may sound obvious, but it still deserves to be noted. Do not apply a twitch to an injured area, such as a sunburned muzzle or a shoulder suffering from a laceration.

• Acting up. Twitching should be used only in an emergency, and only to restrain a horse long enough to prevent further injury as the situation is being handled. Twitching should never be used as a form of discipline.

Nose twitches can be applied by hand or with a piece of equipment.
To apply a nose twitch by hand, grasp the “meaty” part of the upper lip under the nostrils, and while keeping a firm grip, twist your hand. As you hold this twitch, pulse your hand and gently massage the lip with your fingers.

As for twitching equipment, there are three basic types of nose twitches:

• Humane twitches. These metal clamps hinge at one end to squeeze the upper lip, and fasten at the opposite end with a snap. Though called humane twitches, Sorensen says they can end up causing injury by pinching or slipping loose.

• Rope-end twitches. These twitches are comprised of a long stick with a rope loop at one end. The loop is applied to the upper lip and twisted tight. As with the humane twitch, these can also have a problem with slipping.

• Chain-end twitches. These twitches are the same as a rope-end twitch, but instead of a rope loop, they have a chain loop, which provides more grip.

Whatever type of twitch you use, it’s important to stay active and aware when twitching a horse. If using your hands, “work the twitch” by pulsing your hands and massaging the area; if using a piece of equipment, gently and slowly roll the handle over and back, being careful not to loosen the twitch.

Note that ...

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FL Equine Law


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